Dahab Divine Pt. 1

If someone asked me to describe this place in just one word, I’d pick divine. If a more personal word was asked of me, I’d pick home.

Dahab is a small and humble town, situated on the southeast coast of the gem that is the Sinai Peninsula.

Growing up, I had been accustomed to traveling to the North Coast – Marina, to be exact. It was quiet at first and not at all difficult to get to (2-3 hour drive). I enjoyed its lakes, its architecture (that limestone tho), and its periwinkle beach and borderline white sand. Trying to stand still while those waves beat you down is an adventure all on its own (especially if you’re drunk heyyy).

Then it got busier, and busier, and busier.

What was an upscale and hushed town became more of a hectic and obnoxious small city, much like Cairo, albeit much prettier and without the garbage.

I could no longer ignore honking cars, noisy parties, and troublesome, duckfaced barely-teenagers with their DSLRs (why?) at the beach.

I never stepped foot in Marina again.

Fast forward a few years, and I longed for some quiet and peace.

I had heard plenty of Sinai and its beauty, but it had never occurred to me to actually go. After all, how beautiful can it be, really?

Following a great deal of unnecessary consideration, I got on a bus and headed straight to Dahab.

The drive to Sinai is in and of itself an adventure, because of the amount of time it actually takes to get there. It’s a long drive (9-11 hours), but absolutely worth it. Not just because the destination makes everything worthwhile, but because you get the chance to see nature, unpolluted.

At night, everything is as dark as ink, but the moon shines so vividly, providing just the right amount of light to enable you to see the high edges and curves of Sinai’s grand mountains.

Then comes daytime (told you it’s a long drive), and with it magic comes to life. You get to see with your own eyes mountains in all colors and shades, from brown to beige to white to black, and even green (thank you, minerals). With every look you take, you’ll see peaks structured so beautifully they’ll make you wish you could ask the bus driver to pull over and wait while your couch-potato self climbs up those mountaintops.

Dahab Divine is a series of posts about my first trip to Dahab, Sinai. Stay tuned for more.


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